Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reading on a Theme: Fame, Celebrity, and Romance

When we need a quick, fun read the average girl meets famous boy (or visa versa) story is becoming our go-to genre. We're back with five brand new tales of fame, celebrity, and romance. They are certain to make you smile, and if you need more check out these posts: here and here.

The PA and the Big Star:
In Lauren Morrill’s My Unscripted Life Dee Wilkie finds herself sulking over her rejection from the precollege fine arts program until pop-sensation Milo Ritter arrives in her small town to film his movie. Dee gets hired and secretly hopes to run into/fall in love with Milo. When Dee does finally run into him she's rather unimpressed. Once Dee opens up and Milo’s guard comes down a chance for love seems possible. I enjoyed that despite an unrealistic situation the author made the story so relatable. I felt Dee responded realistically to seeing her celebrity crush. Dee is adorable, quirky, and a fun character. I wanted more Dee and Milo time in the novel. Overall, a very enjoyable fast read. Out October 2016.

The Over-Achiever and the Ex-Boy Band Member: 
In The New Guy (And other Senior Year Distractions) by Amy Spalding, Jules McAllister-Morgan is a type-A personality with high expectations for her senior year. She plans on being the editor for the school newspaper and has everything going for her until new boy, Alex Powell former Chaos 4 All boy bander, comes to school. Alex and Jules' relationship takes a romantic turn until Alex betrays Jules. I enjoyed getting to know Jules and her friends, especially her friend Sadie who is very blunt and likeable. Jules’s moms are fun and they love to tease Jules about her liking Alex. The relationship between Jules and Alex is adorable and cute. The New Guy was a very fun read. Out April 2016. Review copy from NetGalley.

The Pop Star and the Townie: 
After a devastating breakup, famous popstar Lily Ross decides to take some time away from stardom. Lily and her two best friends head to a small town in Maine. Lily Ross plans to stay far away from love, but how can she when she meets local boy Noel? Will Lily let her past breakup deter her from finding love? Sing is an adorable love story that also forces Lily to decide what's more important: her fans or her love for Noel? Because come the end of summer, Lily will have to make a decision. Despite this novel being a bit unrealistic, the reactions between the two characters are believable. Also, it's impossible to not want to root for Noel in this fun, delightful read by Vivi Greene. Out April 2016. Review copy from Edelweiss.

The Internet Famous:
It was meant to be a joke between Rachel and her best friend, Monique, but when the picture she takes of Kyle goes viral, everything changes for the two of them. Suddenly, Rachel's long-standing crush knows who she is. Maybe together they can cope with their sudden internet fame. Jilly Gagnon created such a fun story. I liked that there were different consequences for Rachel and Kyle because of the picture. I also found the supporting characters to be really interesting. There were times when I wasn't sure who sincerely had Rachel and Kyle's backs. #famous was so fun and sweet--I read it in a day. #famous is out February 14, 2017. Review copy from Edelweiss.

The Hockey Player and the Drummer:
Bishop Riley, the drummer for Burn, is sent to Alaska to get his act together. He hates everything about this plan until he meets Penny, a high school hockey player. He can't tell her who he is or why he's there. Out of Play deals with some of the grittier things in life (drugs, dementia) and handles them so well. Penny and Bishop are both such complex and interesting characters, but Gramps is my absolute favorite. The book did have several "will you just talk/listen to each other?!" moments, proving it is not a book about how to have a perfect relationship,but how to work through the imperfections. Out of Play is a lovely collaboration by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry. Review copy from NetGalley.

My Unscripted Life, The New Guy (And Other Senior Year Distractions), and Sing reviewed by Sarah.
#famous and Out of Play reviewed by Paige.

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