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Reading on a Theme: When Wishes Come True + A Giveaway

Reading Down with the Shine (which I loved so much) got me thinking about other books with Young Adult and Middle Grade books that feature wishes come true. And I thought "When Wishes Come True" would make a fun Reading on a Theme. In each of these book we have characters who aren't expecting their wishes to come true. The results--swapped bodies, reanimated dead best friends, life size My Little Ponies--are pretty hilarious.

To go along with this Reading on a Theme we are running a giveaway for a copy of Down with the Shine. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win.   

Moonshine Wishes:
When Lennie takes her uncles' moonshine to the biggest party of the year, she's just hoping for a way to get in with her classmates and forget for a night about her dead best friend. What she doesn't know is that her uncles aren't in the moonshine business, they are in the wish-granted business, and soon all of Lennie's classmates' wishes, even the most outlandish, have come true. I had so much fun reading Down with the Shine.
The dark and gritty atmosphere of Kate Karyus Quinn's new book reminded me (in the best way) of  Holly Black's Curse Workers Trilogy. I really enjoyed its dark humor, and I'd love a sequel. Down with the Shine was out April 26, 2016. Review copy from Edelweiss.

Birthday Wishes:
Lavender and Scarlet don't have much in common. Scarlet is a pretty and popular star soccer player, but her home life is difficult. Lavender is picked on at school, klutzy, and sarcastic. The one thing the two share is a birthday. And on their thirteenth birthday they each make a wish to be someone else. The next morning they wake up to find they've switched bodies. Seeing the two navigate another life is both hilarious and poignant. To make things work Lavender and Scarlet have to get along. In the process they build a friendship. They learn that many people are dealing with so many things that are not obvious from the surface. I love this middle-grade gem from Natalie Standiford

Genie Wishes:
Viola has been floundering ever since her long-time best friend and boyfriend broke her heart. One days she has a fervent wish to belong again and a jinn is sent from Caliban, the land of the jinni, to grant three wishes. However, Viola's reluctance to wish forces her and the jinn to spend more and more time together resulting in a relationship that's much deeper than master and servant.
As You Wish is a fun take on genies. My little nerd heart also loved all the Shakespearean names. Jackson Pearce excels at writing books that are light and fun but also confront real feelings. The characters are charming and the little bit of magic adds extra sparkle.

More Birthday Wishes:
You Wish by Mandy Hubbard is clever and at times laugh out loud funny. Kayla has a really rotten 16th birthday, so when blowing out her candles she thinks, "I wish my birthday wishes actually came true. Because they never freakin' do." And then they start to at the rate of one wish a day for the next 15 days. The premise is pretty funny. Kayla wished for some pretty ridiculous things--like a life-size My Little Pony and a year's supply of bubblegum. Let's just say there is a reason none of her wishes have ever come true. I loved the side characters. Ann, especially, is pure brilliance, a seriously funny character. Of course, as Kayla deals with all these wishes she becomes a better person. 

Wishing Day Wishes:
On Natasha's wishing day, she climbs to the top of a hill and allows herself to be embraced by the ancient willow tree. There she makes three wishes: an impossible wish, a wish she can make come true, and the deepest desire of her heart. What will happen if her wishes actually come true? Lauren Myracle's Wishing Day strikes the perfect balance; it has a strong supernatural vibe but also feels like a story about an average thirteen year old girl. I enjoyed the characters and especially loved Natasha's aunts and the bird lady. Ms. Myracle really captured the emotions of the characters and that's what made the story. Wishing Day is out May 3rd, 2016. Review copy from Edelweiss.

Down with the Shine, Switched at Birthday, As You Wish, and You Wish reviewed by JoLee.
Wishing Day reviewed by Paige.

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