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Reading on a Theme: Young Adult Sherlock Holmes Retellings

Who doesn't love Sherlock Holmes right now? I'll willingly admit that I am completely taken by the Holmes and Watson duo. Today, in celebration of the recent release of A Study in Charlotte, we've got five books for you, each of which pulls from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original and then transforms it into an clever, new, and decidedly YA adaptation.

Lock and Mori:
I love the spin that Heather W. Petty puts on her Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Instead of a Holmes/ Watson duo, we've got a teenage Holmes/ Moriarty pairing. And Mori is a girl. A brilliant, troubled girl who might be able to beat Sherlock at his own game or may be his true love. In modern day London, Lock and Mori set out to solve a murder. They aren't suppose to be keeping secrets, but Mori is anyway. Lock & Mori is pretty dark, and it's a bit of an emotional ride because Mori is rather a mess and understandably so. It will be really interesting to see where Ms. Petty takes this series. What's to become of Lock and Mori? Will they be allies or enemies? Review copy from Edelweiss.

Stoker and Holmes:
Mina Holmes and Evaline Stoker live in a man's world and are not taken seriously. When they are mysteriously summoned and invited to help Miss Irene Adler solve a series of deaths and disappearances, they jump at the chance to prove themselves worthy of their family names. The Clockwork Scarab is set in an alternate London in 1889. Colleen Gleason has combined steampunk, time travel, Egyptian mythology, Sherlock Holmes, and Dracula to create an intriguing mystery about disappearing debutantes. It was a really fun take on the classic Sherlock Holmesian mystery, and I especially like that it features two strong, intelligent heroines.

Charlotte and Jamie:
Charlotte Holmes and James Watson are the great-great-grandson and the great-great-granddaughter of the famous detective duo. They meet for the first time when they both enroll at a Connecticut boarding school. When a student is murdered, Charlotte and James become the prime suspects. Casting the Holmes character as a girl changed the dynamic of the Holmes/ Watson pair in a way that made it feel fresh and new. The family history, with its heavy expectations, added a lot; it complicated their relationship, motivations, and their psyches. I also loved Brittany Cavallaro's writing style. Clearly, I'm a huge fan. A Study in Charlotte is out March 1, 2016. Review copy from Edelweiss.
Digby and Princeton:
When Philip Digby shows up at Zoe Webster's her front door she can't stand him, yet somehow he reels her in. Soon practical Zoe is helping him uncover the whereabouts of a missing girl. Digby is the perfect teenage Sherlock Holmes. He's whip-smart, acerbic, and a bit of a misfit. Zoe, our Watson, keeps Digby grounded, and there's no way he could survive without her. From the opening lines, I could tell that Stephanie Tromly's debut was going to be incredibly entertaining. I love books with snappy dialog and the interactions between Zoe and Digby are pitch perfect. Please tell me there is going to be a sequel to Trouble is a Friend of Mine. I need more from this duo.

Mycroft and Watts:
The best thing about moving from the country to Melbourne is that Rachel Watts now has flesh and blood friends. The best and quirkiest of the bunch (and the one who needs the most most looking after) is her neighbor, James Mycroft. Mycroft is the brilliant, eccentric, and troubled Sherlock Holmes character in this duo, and Watts can't seem to resist his schemes. One thing that I love about Every Breath is how the characters are very conscious of their Sherlock Holmes aspirations. Holmes had his Watson and Mycroft has his Watts. The book starts a little slow, but it rapidly picks up steam as the plot progresses. I quite like Ellie Marney's characters, and I can definitely see myself seeking out the sequels.

Lock & Mori, A Study in Charlotte, Trouble is a Friend of Mine, and Every Breath reviewed by JoLee.
The Clockwork Scarab reviewed by Paige. 

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  1. Love this round up!! I am going to check a few of these out because I've only read the Every series so far!!


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