Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Reading on a Theme: Summer Jobs

As a teen, I had summer jobs working at a packaging plant, as a nanny, and at a call center. I have some good stories from those jobs, but I never had a summer job that was half as exciting as these characters' jobs are.

The Wedding Planner:
Louna is the daughter of the popular wedding planner, Natalie Barrett, and every summer she works for her mom during the busy wedding season. This summer her mom decides to also employ Ambrose, an infuriating boy Louna's age. I really enjoyed Once and For All. The wedding planner setting was so much fun, especially coupled with Natalie, William, and Louna's cynicism when it comes to lasting love. Ambrose, on the other hand, is full of optimism, even if he is an unabashed serial dater. It's tough to resist a hate-to-love romance, and Sarah Dessen's characters have just the right amount of chemistry. This book makes for a perfect summer read.

The Hotel Clerk:
During the summer before college, mystery-book lover, Birdie Lindberg, takes her first job at an historic Seattle hotel famous for its mysteries. She's working alongside Daniel, with whom she had a very awkward previous encounter. Daniel ropes her into investigating a mystery involving a famous author who regularly checks into the hotel. Jenn Bennett's contemporaries are the best summer reads. Serious Moonlight has it all. The romance has just enough bumps along the way to really get the reader invested. The mystery kept me on the edge of my seat. And the Seattle setting gets a big A+. I love Daniel and Birdie.

The Food Truck Worker:
The summer is not going the way Clara pictured, not even a little. After getting into some trouble, her dad decided she needed to straighten up by working in his food truck, the KoBra. But it's not just her, she's stuck working with Rose, a classmate she has nothing in common with. Can she make it through the summer with her identity intact? The Way You Make Me Feel was a delightful summer romp. The relationship between Clara and Hamlet was seriously cute, and I loved the way Clara's relationships with her dad and Rose grew over the course of the book. Maurene Goo really captured the feelings of summer and of growing up.

The Ice Cream Scooper:
Amelia has the best summer job. She's been a Meade Creamery girl for the past three summers, and this summer she is head girl. But before the season kicks off, Molly Meade, who has been making and selling ice cream at her stand since 1944 passes away. Amelia is devastated that the stand might close. Enter Grady, Molly's grandnephew and the new owner of Meade Creamery. Together Amelia and Grady learn that running a small business is tough. I loved so many things about Stay Sweet. Siobhan Vivian's book is the perfect summer read and made me want to go to the lake and eat ice cream. I really loved the back story behind Molly's business and how passionate Amelia was about the stand and its legacy.

The Dancing Hot Dog:
Elouise Parker is ready for an epic summer, but then she's cast (again!) as the Hot Dog at the Magic Castle Playland amusement park. Worse yet, Lou's boss tells them on the first day that this will be the last summer of Magic Castle; he's selling the park. Lou just can't stand to see that happen. Enter schemes. Lou is big on schemes, and they all involve her fellow coworkers.There's her scheme to keep the park open and her fake dating relationship with her best friend engineered to get Diving Pirate Nick's attention. Jennifer Dugan's debut novel has a great setting. I love that all the characters were crew members at Magic Castle. With LGBT main characters, Hot Dog Girl is a nice addition to the summer romance genre.

Once and For All, Serious Moonlight, Stay Sweet, and Hot Dog Girl reviewed by JoLee
The Way You Make Me Feel reviewed by Paige.

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